Church asylum is open to all human no matter of religion, race, gender, the country of origin.

Opportunity to stay in Germany

Cases under the Dublin Regulations: By entering the church asylum, you are relatively safe from deportation and can have your individual case reviewed.

Deportation to Country of Origin: as the last option after rejection of the asylum case by BAMF, courts and Härtefallkommission

How to apply for Church Asylum

You can get Information from:       

  • Regional contacts for Church Asylum
  • Social workers
  • Lawyers
  • Counselling offices
  • BAG Asyl in der Kirche
  • Information Churches
  • Contact with the regulars in Churches
  • Seek information from previous asylum seekers

You can get approved by:          

Local Churches

How to get approved for Church asylum

Gather all the important document such as:

  • negative answer,
  • medical documents,
  • proof of the danger or problem in the country you are supposed to be deported to,
  • Reasons to stay in Germany.

The Experience during the Church asylum

The conditions in every Church may differ:

  • You will be provided Humanitarian aides, accommodation and food, urgent medical aid in all the Churches.
  • Sometimes you will be provided: Language improvement classes, gymnastic or exercise classes, music classes, Women gathering days, online meeting with other church asylum in all Germany, etc.
  • You have Freedom of choice unless it’s a danger to your situation, other residents and other future church asylum seekers.
  • Depending on the church you are resided, you may be asked to help with church premises chores and activities. For example: cleaning, gardening, and cooking etc.
  • Depending on the churches, you might stay with other people or alone. Try to use your time for the best. You can be provided materials for your activities and hobbies.

Note: In any case, and anytime if you don’t feel comfortable, you are allowed to raise your voice and you are welcome to get in touch with us through:  

What comes after:

When your Dublin waiting period is finished you should receive a letter from BAMF confirming the end of the Dublin waiting period.

The church can assist you on the next steps and where to go after church asylum. It cannot be promised that you will go back to your previous residents, camp or Heim.

Notes: Church asylum is not an official asylum title that is why in some cases there are legal consequences. For further information get in touch with you lawyer or a counsellor.